Find your fun

Get connected to the things you love doing quickly and conveniently. See what's happening around you in seconds, and go from bored to wow



Find something to do in a few taps

Swipe right and left to see what's going on around you

Tap yes or no on different activity cards. Not sure? Add them to your shortlist to review later. Or search by keyword to find specific activities

Create your own events

Define a new experience for yourself and others

Easily create your own events. Specify a title, location, start time and number of people all in one page. Share your newly created event on social media


Meet likeminded people

Expand your social circle

They already like the same things you do, so you have things in common. Why not make a new friend (or 10)?

Experience something new

Do something you have not done before

Go hiking, camping, kayaking or go do line dancing at that new dancehall across the street. The limits are endless. Life is an adventure. Live it!



Funverge is a new way to find activities, meet people and have fun. We take the hassle out of planning, so you can focus on what matters - getting out there and doing things you love


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